De’Anza is our new Latin-Alternative crush ”

Andy Hermann (LA Weekly Editor)


De’Anza, an artist and producer/multi-instrumentalist, is known for creating an eclectic mix of music sourced from various ends of the musical spectrum. Taking cues from traditional styles and landing somewhere between the hypnotic and the primal, she crosses borders and boundaries, resulting in a new fusion. Elements of world electronic, alternative dance, and psychedelic art-pop are creatively merged, establishing De’Anza as a breath of fresh air in a rather smoggy metropolitan scene. As a producer, she is known for mixing live instruments with electronic beats and samples, delivering an inviting harmonic experience for audiences and listeners.


Originating from Santa Fe, New Mexico, an area defined by convergent cultures and rich folk art, De’Anza initially journeyed west to Los Angeles on a mission to develop her own musical identity and connect with the global music scene. Her emergence in the industry was quickly met with critical praise, and local fanfare. The 2015 release of her debut EP “Despertar,” catapulted her from obscurity to “Latin Alternative’s New Leading Lady” as proclaimed by Southern California’s “OC Weekly.”  


With spotlight features on CNN, appearances on ABC’s “Vista LA,” and segments on popular radio outlets such as NPR, De’Anza has been turning heads and gaining fans domestically and internationally. Additionally, critics and reviewers have met her favorably, such as Felix Contreras of NPR’s Alt.Latino, who described her “powerful writing” as a distinct marker of her talent. LA Weekly, in a positive review, duly noted that as “a confidant figure on stage…De’Anza herself is a force of nature behind the microphone…”


De’Anza’s 2018 EP “Cosmic Dream” offered an ethereal journey that took listeners through an exploration of the mind, while also offering deliberate, thought provoking statements, and deeply personal observations. The songwriter also demonstrated her initial craftsmanship as a producer, and, according to Jennifer Sparkman of Articles of Antiquity, she forged a potent delivery “sure to dazzle your mind with the cosmic melodies of the world.”


De’Anza’s desire to present fluid and cohesive art is best showcased in her ability to deliver explosive live performances.  More recently, De’Anza has managed to remain at the forefront of the increasingly popular bilingual Spanish/English music trend, diversifying her reach to more music lovers around the world, and has focused her efforts in highlighting the stories that make up the lives of different people. Her current producing efforts continue to expand her catalogue in the digital realm, pressing on her purpose-driven musical endeavors.


 “...for we are the audience and we are the actors. We are the light and shadows of this cosmic dream.”







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